Sun Angel 360

Sun Angel 360

The sun angel sensor provides the key to a personalized tanning experience.
This precision photoelectric sensor gives you an exact analyis of your skin tone, then uses these results to calculate a personal tanning session specifically matched to the skin, giving you a more rapid tan while virtually eliminating the possibility of overexposure.

Open Sun 1050

Open tanning has never been this powerful. The 30 Ultra Performance high-pressure units in the Open Sun 1050 make a lasting impression.The computer-calculated arrangement and alignment in five segments create a UV geometry that ensures a deep, even tan. The open design and powerful ventilation will keep you cool throughout your session. The new 3D-Sound with Subwoofer will surely satisfy even the most demanding of music fans.

Ergoline Open Sun 550 With A/C

The Open Sun is a 15 Minute Maximum Exposure bed with 45 UV lamps. It has 2 800-watt High-Pressure Facial Tanners that can be adjusted or turned off and work in combination with Advanced Reflective UV technology in the facial area. Being another one of our deluxe beds, it has body ventilation adjustable in 12 settings, air conditioning controlled by AC Plus and Multi Relax acrylic.

Ergoline Esprit 770 Mist

This 10 minute bed is one of the best on the market; offering 48 dynamic UV lamps, 4 ultra performance adjustable facial tanners, and 2 high pressure shoulder tanners for a perfect looking tan. For luxury, the Temptronic climate control and Aqua Mist & Aroma provide the ultimate in cool and refreshing comfort. Keeping everything under control is easy with the Ergoline Esprit 770’s control panel. The illuminated symbols, full text display and available Voice Guide make it easy to adjust any function. And to top it all off, an available 3D-Sound system, with MP3 player dock-in and SD card slot, provides pure listening pleasure that can be customized for each individual.

Radius 252 at  Kokomos your indoor tanning salon in oceanside, ca

Radius 252

This 12 minute high performance stand up booth offers 360 degrees of tanning power. It is great for those hard to reach spots or simply our customers that prefer to stand. It's large size and cooling fan offer a comfortable tanning session.

UWE Tropical  at  Kokomos your indoor tanning salon in oceanside, ca

UWE Tropical

Unlike most entry level beds which only offer 22-24 lamps, our level 1 Tropical is a 15 minute maximum tanning bed with 41 reflective lamps. The Tropical is a wide, comfortable bed with curved sides that help with the Surround Tan concept.  

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